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Positive affirmations

Many people consistently repeat brief phrases to help inspire them to achieve personal goals. Often, a new year brings with it the commitment to make changes. Affirmations can assist in keeping the individual focused on self-improvement goals. Here are some examples of affirmations for basic components of our lives:

To take control of time:

  • I am master of my schedule
  • I determine what is important and give it priority
  • I recognize and deal with conflicting time demands
  • I can create my own quiet time

To succeed in a love relationship:

  • I enjoy being in a relationship and sharing my life
  • I enjoy it when my partner keeps growing, even in areas where I am not involved
  • I show my love in public and in the privacy of our home and family

To free yourself from stress:

  • I am relaxed in mind and body
  • I create tranquility
  • I feel calm

To deal with life-changing events:

  • I have the strength to overcome adversity
  • I can handle this now because I know things will get better again
  • When one door closes, another opens

To overcome fears and obstacles:

  • I am full of courage and confidence
  • I remove limitations I have placed on myself
  • I am free to pursue any goals and desires

To feel comfortable about making mistakes:

  • I accept that I am human, that I sometimes make mistakes
  • I am not perfect, and nobody expects me to be
  • I can face my mistakes calmly and take appropriate corrective action without shame

To set and achieve goals:

  • I strive for [your goal] and will work to make it happen
  • I am master of my future
  • [Your goal] is important to me, and I will achieve it

To build self-esteem:

  • I celebrate my uniqueness
  • I am competent and capable
  • I believe in myself as no one else can

To be more assertive:

  • I am cooperative and understanding, but I can say "no" and still feel good about myself
  • I make good decisions, and I am in control of my life
  • I handle difficult situations effectively

To express anger in healthy ways:

  • My anger is an energy I can use positively
  • I move away from the source of my anger
  • I visualize a safe, quiet place when I am angry