Flow chart

How to make a formal leader referral to EAP

  1. Observe employee performance problems
  2. Consult with an EAP Counselor at 704.384.7475 or 800.828.2778
  3. Document problem on the Leader Referral Form
  4. Discuss problem and referral with the team member
  5. Review the completed Leader Referral Form with the team member prior to submitting.
  6. Submission of the Leader Referral form does not automatically generate an appointment or call from the EAP. Although you may schedule the appointment for team member, it is recommended that they take the responsibility for doing so. 
  7. Team members attending EAP sessions as a Leader Referral are considered on the clock.

Helpful Tips

  • Be specific about the behaviors that present a performance problem.
  • Remind the employee he/she has the right to privacy and that confidentiality will be maintained by EAP.
  • Appointments for employees who are leader referrals must occur while the employee is on the clock. This is a motivator for employees to comply and carries the message of how important this offer of help is.
  • Promote the referral as "supporting the employee’s work performance improvement".
  • Employees have the right not to attend EAP as a formal referral. It is beneficial to remind employees that they will be held accountable for their job performance and it is important that they take advantage of every available resource to help them.
  • A referral to EAP should not be used as punishment. It should be considered as one of the tools you have available to manage employees.
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