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Novant Health EAP is committed to the belief that the Employee Assistance Program serves as a foundation on which a healthy, productive work environment is built. We can help reduce the effects of:

  • low productivity
  • high absenteeism
  • on-the-job accidents
  • low morale
  • job turnover
  • property damage
  • increased use of medical benefits 
  • potential litigation and more...

As a leader, you have the ongoing responsibility for what goes on the in the workplace and for the performance of those employees who report to you. Supervisors also form a link between employers and various support groups such as Human Resources, Employee Relations, Public Safety, etc. One of the most effective approaches for a supervisor is making sure that each employee's performance and behavior continues to meet all job descriptions and standards of conduct.

Focusing on job-related behavior and performance allows you to balance...

  • The rights of individual employees to privacy and fair treatment
  • The rights of the organization and the work group to have a safe, secure, and productive work environment.

It is not your responsibility to...

  • diagnose problems
  • provide therapy or counseling
  • be a police officer